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Xiaomi SU7 not Launch, Only Showcased, Indian EVs Market Heaved a Sigh of Relief

Currently, Xiaomi has not announced the date of release of SU7 in India, so the Indian EV market has heaved a sigh of relief.
Dew Briefs:
  • Xiaomi India celebrates its 10th anniversary
  • The company only showcased their electric car SU7 in the event
  • Launchig date of the car in India is so far
Xiaomi SU7 front bonat

Right now Indian car manufacturers do not have any car whose range is 800 km or even close to it, whereas Xiaomi has its own electric car with a range of more than 800 km in a single charge, if its launches it, then Xiaomi might be dominates the Indian electric car market.

Xiaomi SU7 wheel

Let us tell you that Xiaomi organized an event in India on Tuesday, July 09, 2024 in which the company showcased its electric sedan car SU7 and reveal its smart ecosystem vision. During the event held in Bengaluru, Xiaomi launched his new smartphone Redmi 13 5G which is a low-cost smartphone as Indian atmosphere.

Xiaomi SU7 sedan in India

The expected starting price in India may be near about or between 40 to 50 lakhs if company launched its electric sedan in upcoming year. However, Xiaomi still has not announced its launch date and its price in India. This has been estimated based on the price of Xiaomi SU7 available in the China, currently priced between ¥ 215,900 and ¥ 299,900 (Rs 24.78 lakh to Rs 34.43 lakh).

Source: dewDiver

Currently the company has not launched it, it has only presented in a special show. No official details have been revealed yet regarding its launch. But If launched, it will go against likes the BYD Seal EV and other Indian electric vehicles brands like TATA, Mahindra etc.

Diver Insights:
  • Its may be take two to three more years to come to India, currently it will be work on its ongoing projects in China.
  • Xiaomi have more work in China due to already booking of SU7 is in a huge amount.
  • The company production capacity is not able to deliver the SU7 to worldwide.

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