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04 EVs Models Shine in 2024 Euro NCAP 05 Stars Rating

Euro NCAP safety ratings provide customers the opportunity to make the right choice as per their convenience.
Source: EURO-NCAP-2024
Dew Briefs:

ZEEKR X  Small SUV  — 91%, 90%, 84%, 83%
ZEEKR 001 Executive Car89%, 88%, 84%, 83%
Maxus MIFA 7  Large MPV — 92%, 87%, 81%, 75%
NIO EL6  Large SUV — 93%, 85%, 78%, 76%

On May 29, 2024, EuroNCAP released detailed safety ratings for several new vehicles, including the ZEEKR 001, ZEEKR X, NIO EL6 and Maxus MIFA 7, the 04 EV model receiving notable recognition.

The ZEEKR X performed excellently with scores of 91% for adult passenger protection, 90% for child passenger protection, 84% for pedestrian protection and 83% for safety assistance systems.

The more expensive ZEEKR 001, although slightly lower, still performed admirably with 89% for adult passenger protection and 88% for child passenger protection, matching the ZEEKR X in other categories.

EuroNCAP praised ZEEKR’s commitment to safety, but stressed the need to ensure that safety systems do not distract drivers, promising to investigate more closely in the future.

Another Chinese model, the Maxus MIFA 7 minivan, also received a 5-star rating and is expected to enter the European market soon, scoring 92% for adult passenger protection, 87% for child passenger protection, 81% for pedestrian protection and 75% for safety assistance systems.

The fourth electric model NIO EL6 received a 5-star rating in adult passenger protection, with a score of 93% in EuroNCAP’s rating practice. Other safety results were also found to be in a suitable manner.

However, the practice of awarding crash test ratings based on previous tests of the same models raises questions about the accuracy of these assessments compared to dedicated tests, especially for vehicles from different categories or with significant dimensional differences.

Overall, recent EuroNCAP tests indicate that Chinese brands including ZEEKR and Maxus are now rivalling Western manufacturers in safety for models sold in Europe.


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