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Xiaomi’s SU7 Electrifies Beijing Auto Show 2024 | Display All 9 Colors

This comprehensive display not only showcases Xiaomi's commitment to diversity but also underscores the expanding presence of EVs in the market.
Dew Briefs:

The China’s largest auto show in Beijing has opened with a focus on electric vehicles (EVs) as the country’s auto market increasingly shifts towards electric vehicles. This shift is evident in the number of new models being unveiled at the show, with 117 new models set to be revealed compared to 93 last year. Additionally, there will be a total of 278 new energy vehicles (NEVs) on display, seven more than last year’s show in Shanghai. This indicates a growing trend towards electric vehicles in China’s auto industry.

“All nine colors of Xiaomi SU7 are on display at the Beijing Auto Show”, Lei Jun

Source: Lei Jun/X

April 26, 2024, The Beijing Auto Show 2024 has become a focal point for the automotive industry’s electrification journey, with electric vehicles (EVs) taking center stage. Amidst a sea of innovation, Xiaomi’s SU7 model stands out, boasting all nine available colors, captivating attendees’ attention. This comprehensive display not only showcases Xiaomi’s commitment to diversity but also underscores the expanding presence of EVs in the market.

As automakers vie for prominence at the event, Xiaomi’s SU7 presentation symbolizes the fierce competition within the EV landscape and the rapid evolution of electric mobility. Additionally, Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO, further amplifies the excitement surrounding the SU7 unveiling by sharing the news on the X platform. His announcement underscores Xiaomi’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the electric vehicle sector, reinforcing its position as a key player in shaping the future of automotive technology.

Diver Insights:

In essence, the Beijing Auto Show serves as a pivotal platform for highlighting the advancements in EV technology, with Xiaomi’s SU7 and Lei Jun’s announcement adding significant momentum to the event’s electrifying atmosphere.


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