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Xiaomi 10th Anniversary, Some Exciting to Showcase in India may SU7

Xiaomi India is gearing up to celebrate its 10th anniversary on July 9 and SU7 may be part of the celebration of Xiaomi India 10th anniversary.
Dew Briefs:
  • The Beijing Auto Show 2024 has become a focal point for the automotive industry’s electrification journey, with electric vehicles (EVs) taking center stage.
  • Amidst the innovation, Xiaomi’s first electric SU7 model stands out and boasting all nine available colors which captivating attendees attention.
  • In future SU7 may seen on Indian roads.
  • Xiaomi already completed their target of 10,000 electric SU7 production in only June month.
Source: Xiaomi/SU7

Xiaomi India is gearing up to celebrate its 10th anniversary on July 9. The event will feature numerous product launches, including the highly anticipated Redmi 13 5G smartphone, a new power bank, earbuds, drones, and home security cameras. Fans can expect big surprises and major announcements from Xiaomi India during this milestone celebration.

Xiaomi India has certainly lined up a lot of interesting products for its 10th anniversary celebrations. Are you looking forward to any special product launches or updates from this event? It will be an exciting event.

Xiaomi SU7 celebration of aniversary
source: X/Sandeep Sharma and Xiaomi

The Xiaomi SU7 is a powerful car with fast acceleration and a high top speed and advanced silicon carbide technology that ensures efficient performance and quick charging. It’s also very safe, with a strong steel-aluminum frame and 16 active safety systems.

While the Xiaomi SU7 isn’t available in India yet, it might be launched if there is enough demand or support by coustomers or fans. The 10th-anniversary event in Bengaluru will be memorable, featuring this amazing sedan car and many new tech products or gadgets from Xiaomi.

Diver Insights :
  • Founded in 2010 in Beijing by Xiaomi’s chairman and CEO, Lei Jun
  • First Android Smart Phone Mi 1 launched by the company in August 2011Xiaomi/Redmi released a 300W fast charging technology in February, 2023 with claiming that 4100mAh battery can be charge 10% in just 03 seconds, 50% in 02.13 Minutes and 100% within 05 minutes only.
  • In 4th Quarter 2023, Xiaomi Auto unveiled its first production electric vehicle, the Xiaomi SU7

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