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Ultraviolette Unveils F77 Electric MACH 2 Standard and RECON

The Ultraviolette F77 MACH 2 is a powerful and fast motorcycle that offers advanced features for handling power, safety, security, and diagnostics. It has optimal performance, 10 levels of regenerative braking, and 4 levels of traction control.
Dew Briefs:

Today, Ultraviolette introduced its Electric Motorcycle F77 MACH 2 and F77 MACH 2 RECON, marking the dawn of a new era in performance motorcycling. These motorcycles transcend mere raw power and speed; they embody a holistic approach to handling, safety, security, and diagnostics.

April 24,2024, Ultraviolette has introduced the F77 Mach 2, an updated version of its electric motorcycle. The new model focuses on enhancements in software and electronics. The introductory price for the F77 Mach 2 is set at Rs 2.99 lakh for the initial 1,000 bookings. Customers are now able to make bookings for the F77 Mach 2 starting today.


The differences between the Ultraviolette F77 MACH 2 and F77 MACH 2 RECON models, showcasing the variations in range, torque, and price.

SpecificationF77 MACH 2F77 MACH 2 RECON
Range (km)211323
Top Speed (kmph)155155
Torque (Nm)90100
Acceleration (0-60 kmph)2.9 sec2.8 sec
Acceleration (0-100 kmph)7.8 sec 7.7 sec
Range (IDC est.) 211 km323 km
Range Glide (avg. 40 Wh/km)183 km266 km
Range Combat (avg. 52 Wh/km)144 km209 km
Range Ballistic (avg. 60 Wh/km)128 km186 km
Price (Rs.)2,99,0003,99,000
Per hour charge upto(km)35 (include)75 (offer/+Rs.26650)
20% to 80% charge2.5 hrs2.5 hrs
Warranty3 yrs or up to 60,000 km (include)8 yrs or upto 8,00,000 km (UV Care/Rs.40,000)
Specification source: Ultraviolette
No matter the incline, the F77 MACH 2 remains steady and in place without engaging the brakes.

Advanced Handling and Safety Features:

  • 4 levels of traction control ensure optimal grip on any terrain, providing unparalleled control even during high-speed maneuvers.
  • The patented Dynamic Stability Control (D.S.C) automatically adjusts regenerative braking levels with ABS activation, ensuring superior stability and safety.
  • Aircraft-inspired Adaptive Collision Warning System (A.C.W.S) enhances visibility by activating the tail light akin to aircraft beacon lights during regenerative braking.
  • Steady on inclines without brake engagement, offering effortless control and stability in varied terrains.


  • First of its kind – the UV D.S.C or Dynamic Stability Control automatically modulates regen levels with ABS to ensure complete control and stability.
  • ABS prevents wheel lock-up during panic braking or braking under slippery surfaces
  • High Regen levels recuperate more energy and induce a strong braking effect
  • D.S.C modulates between Regen torque and ABS activation to ensure balanced ride stability without the loss of control

Security and Control:

  • Lockdown mode immobilizes the motorcycle to thwart unauthorized usage, ensuring complete peace of mind.
  • Extensive vehicle diagnostics, ride analytics, and charge limit controls empower riders with detailed insights and control over their riding experience.
  • FindMyF77 feature aids in locating your motorcycle with ease, further enhancing security and convenience.

Innovative Connectivity and Convenience:

  • Premium connectivity package integrates essential features like Lockdown Mode, Find My Bike, Predictive Maintenance, Violette AI, Ride Stats, Energy Metering & Charge History, Maps, and Navigation.
  • Rapid charging via standard 16 Amp sockets and access to the UV SUPERNOVA DC Fast Charging network ensure convenient charging options for extended adventures.
  • Aviation-inspired console design provides a cockpit-like experience, enhancing data observation and overall riding experience.
  • Upto 35km range per hr of charge
  • Fast charging supported


  • Embark on thrilling adventures beyond borders, with the expansion of the UV SUPERNOVA DC Fast Charging network,
  • SuperNova – 6kW charging stations
  • SuperNova Plus – 12kW charging stations


  • UV CARE package is a standard option on the F77 MACH 2. This covers your battery and drivetrain systems
  • 3 yrs warranty, Valid up to 60,000 km
  • Option to upgrade to UV CARE PLUS (extend up to 5 yrs and 1,00,000 kms) available


  • Premium connectivity provides the data package for Lockdown Mode, Find My Bike, Predictive Maintenance, Violette AI, Ride Stats, Energy Metering & Charge History, Maps and Navigation.
  • F77 comes with Integrated e-Sim
  • Connectivity across India for 1 year

Diver Insights:

Ultraviolette’s F77 MACH 2 Standard and MACH 2 RECON stand as the epitome of performance motorcycling, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with unrivaled performance and safety features. These motorcycles set a new standard in the industry, with revolutionary advancements in handling, safety, security, and connectivity, the F77 series elevates every aspect of the rider’s journey.

Whether navigating through challenging terrains or embarking on adrenaline-pumping adventures, riders can rely on the F77 series to deliver unmatched performance, unwavering reliability, and unparalleled peace of mind. Ultraviolette’s commitment to innovation ensures that these motorcycles not only meet but exceed the expectations of discerning riders, setting a new benchmark in the world of performance motorcycles.


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