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Genesis Neolun Concept, Full Size Electric SUV with Coach Door

The Neolun Concept features advanced design elements like B-pillarless doors and a radiant heating system inspired by Korea's ondol tradition.
Source: Genesis/Neolun Concept
Dew Briefs:
  • Genesis Neolun Concept combines moon-inspired design with advanced technology in line with Genesis philosophy
  • Reductive Design focuses on essential elements for elegance in the Neolun Concept
  • Genesis Neolun Concept Is a Kia EV9-Sized Electric SUV
Source: Genesis

On March 26, 2024, Genesis has unveiled a new concept car and officially launched a high-performance programme at Genesis House New York, marking a significant step in its journey of evolution.

According to the news this is the brand which will be going to launch its first full-size electric SUV concept. The Neolun SUV stands out with its sanded appearance, coach doors like Rolls-Royce, double-deck lighting, and Mercedes-inspired alloy wheels. Inside, the spacious seating includes armchair-like seats, swiveling front seats, deep purple upholstery from natural pigments, and natural wood flooring.

Source: Genesis/Neolun Concept

Genesis introduced the Neolun Concept at the Genesis House New York, showcasing a blend of innovation and luxury. The Neolun Concept features advanced design elements like B-pillarless doors and a radiant heating system inspired by Korea’s ondol tradition.

Source: Genesis/Neolun Concept

The interior features swivel front seats, radiant heating, and advanced sound architecture for an immersive experience.

Source: Genesis/Neolun Concept

The interior features will provide luxurious elements like body-colored bucket seats and double-diamond stitching patterns. if you are looking for a wider or spacious SUV with Electric power push wheels than may go to the upcoming new Full Size SUV Genesis Neolun Concept.

Diver Insights:

Overall, the Genesis Neolun Concept showcases Genesis’ commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries with a bold and progressive attitude deeply rooted in its Distinctly Korean DNA. This concept showcases a spacious SUV with two rows of seats, hinting at a future production GV90 that may include a third row similar to the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. Genesis may be offer two variants of the GV90, one with two luxurious rows and another with three rows of seats. This suggests a focus on luxury and flexibility in seating arrangements for potential customers.


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