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Gotion High-tech’s Milestones in Battery replenishment upto 80% in 9.8 Min

Gotion High-Tech has established global R&D centers in various countrie
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Dew Briefs:
  • Passed 200-degree hot box test
  • Upto 80% energy replenishment in just 9.8 min
  • Over 40% higher than mainstream NCM batteries
  • Achieves a 50% reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Upto 350km range charge in 5 minutes and 600km in 10 minutes

On April 25, 2024, Gotion High-tech signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CATARC Europe Testing and Certification in Munich, Germany. This agreement aims to enhance cooperation in battery testing, certification, and recycling across Europe. The MOU stipulates that both parties will collaborate to improve the quality and safety standards of battery products through rigorous testing and certification processes.


Following their partnership with CATARC Europe, Gotion High-tech organized its 13th Technology Conference on May 17, 2024. The conference was all about showcasing some awesome new battery technologies. The next day, on May 18, 2024, they released a press statement to spread the word about these exciting advancements.

Notably, the company introduced the 5C ultra-fast charging G-Current battery, which is ready for mass production. This innovative battery can achieve 80% energy replenishment in just 9.8 minutes and 90% in 15 minutes, EVs riders may be thanks to its super-fast charging capabilities.

High-nickel NCM Stellary Battery

Additionally, Gotion High-tech showcased its high-nickel NCM cylindrical Stellary battery and all-solid-state battery technology which represents a significant advancement in battery technology. Utilizing the company’s self-developed second-generation silicon-carbon material and fast-charging electrolyte, this battery can charge from 10% to 70% state of charge in just 9 minutes. Additionally, battery packs equipped with this cell can achieve a 350km range charge in 5 minutes and a 600km range charge in 10 minutes.

A unique structural design enables the Stellary Battery Pack to dissipate 70% of its heat outside the pack within just 3 seconds, ensuring rapid cooling under extreme conditions and preventing thermal propagation. The Stellary battery also features wireless Battery Management System (BMS) technology and multi-faceted cooling methods to enhance safety and reliability. Production will take place at Gotion High-tech’s Gen7 factory, which has achieved micrometer-level precision, allowing for a 50% reduction in manufacturing costs.

Gemstone Batteries: High Energy Density and Enhanced Safety

The Gemstone battery, incorporating all-solid-state technology, boasts an impressive energy density of 350 Wh/kg, which is over 40% higher than mainstream NCM batteries. This increase significantly enhances the range and energy efficiency of electric vehicles.

In terms of safety, the Gemstone battery passed the rigorous 200-degree hot box test, far exceeding the national standard of 130 degrees, demonstrating its robustness under extreme conditions. This milestone highlights the significant advancements Gotion High-tech has made in developing safer, more efficient battery technologies.

Diver Insights:

Among the recent advancements in battery technology, CATL’s Shenxing and StoreDot’s Extreme Fast Charging (XFC) battery cells, as showcased in the Polestar 5 prototype, stand out for their rapid charging capabilities.

Shenxing, launched on April 25, 2024, offers a 4C superfast charging LFP battery that can provide a 400 km range with a 10-minute charge and over 700 km on a full charge. It charges to 80% SOC in 10 minutes at room temperature and achieves a 0-80% charge in 30 minutes at -10°C, addressing charging anxiety and enhancing EV performance.

Image Source: StoreDot

Similarly, the Polestar 5 prototype, demonstrated on May 2, 2024, achieved a significant milestone by charging from 10% to 80% in just 10 minutes using StoreDot’s XFC battery cells. This breakthrough marks the first 10-minute charge for an EV equipped with a standard 77kWh battery pack, further advancing the mass adoption of electric vehicles with rapid charging capabilities.

Additionally, Gotion High-tech’s 5C ultra-fast charging G-Current battery, unveiled at its Technology Conference on May 17, 2024, contributes to the fast charging landscape with its ability to achieve 80% energy replenishment in just 9.8 minutes and 90% in 15 minutes. These advancements collectively signify a significant step forward in making rapid charging more accessible and efficient, driving the evolution of electric mobility towards greater convenience and sustainability.


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