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Jeroen Van Tilburg to Lead as CEO, to Propel IONITY’s Expansion in European Charging Market

Jeroen van Tilburg has extensive experience in the charging industry, having previously worked at Tesla, Microsoft, Google, and Netflix.
Source: Ionity/dewDiver

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Source: IONITY/press release, April 17, 2024

  • Jeroen van Tilburg will become the new CEO of IONITY, effective May 13th, 2024, replacing Michael Hajesch.
  • Michael Hajesch is credited for leading IONITY through important phases, including building the team, defining the company’s strategy, developing new products, and establishing a strong shareholder structure.

Munich, Germany – April 17, 2024, Jeroen van Tilburg is set to become the CEO of IONITY starting May 13th, 2024, taking over from Michael Hajesch. Under Hajesch’s leadership, IONITY grew to become one of Europe’s largest independent High Power Charging networks with over 200 employees.

Van Tilburg, who previously led the growth of the Tesla Supercharger network in the EMEA region, is expected to drive further expansion and success for IONITY.

The current IONITY leadership team will comprise Jeroen van Tilburg as CEO, Jeroen Van Tilburg to Lead as CEO, to Propel IONITY’s Expansion in European Charging Marketas COO, and Torsten Kiedel as CFO. IONITY, which currently operates more than 3,600 charging points across 600 sites in 24 European countries, aims to play a significant role in advancing e-mobility by providing a robust and reliable charging network.

The new leadership team is focused on enhancing IONITY’s expansion across Europe and further digitizing its customer offerings. Van Tilburg expressed his excitement to lead IONITY during this pivotal time for the charging business in Europe, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing a premium customer experience while supporting all vehicle brands. The company’s growth and success under Van Tilburg’s leadership will be closely monitored.

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Jeroen van Tilburg will take over the role as Chief Executive Officer of IONITY, effective May 13th , 2024. He succeeds Michael Hajesch, who will pursue other ventures outside the company.

April 17, 2024, IONITY: Press Release

Leadership Transition at IONITY: No Updates on New CEO Appointment

IONITY announced a new CEO on April 17, 2024, but as of May 13, 2024, there have been no updates on the CEO’s onboarding. This lack of communication raises concerns about the leadership transition. Timely updates are crucial to maintain transparency and trust among stakeholders.


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