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EZLift by FLO: The Future of Effortless Fast-Charging Cable Handling

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Source: FLO

FLO’s new charger cables, known as EZLift, utilize a motorized system to aid in fast-charging cable extension and retraction. This system is designed to make handling heavy fast-charging cables much easier for users of various ages, strengths, and sizes. The EZLift system automates cable extension and retraction, reducing the force needed to pull the cable to the EV for charging.

Flo fast charger

Moreover, the EZLift system locks into place while charging, minimizing stress on the car’s charging port and preventing any damaging contact with the vehicle. After charging is complete, smart sensors automatically retract and return the cable to the charging station, eliminating the risk of the cable becoming a trip hazard or being run over by other vehicles.

Source: FLO

The EZLift system will be introduced on FLO’s new 320 kW fast charger, the FLO Ultra, set to be launched this spring. This innovative system aims to enhance the charging experience by simplifying cable management and improving safety during the charging process.

Empowering Every EV Driver: FLO’s EZLift for Effortless Charging

Source: FLO

Electrical specifications

  • Output power 320 kW
  • AC input voltage 480 VAC + 10% / – 15 % (60 Hz)
  • AC input connection
  • Nominal input current 420A
  • DC output voltage: 150-1000 VDC
  • DC output current:
    • 2x CCS1 0.5 – 500 A
    • 1x CCS1 0.5 – 500 A 1x CHAdeMO 0.5-200 A (optional)

Environmental specifications & certifications

  • Aluminum type 3R enclosure
  • Operating temperature -40 °F to 122 °F (-40 °C to 50 °C)
  • Storage temperature -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to +70°C)
  • Humidity Up to 95% (non-condensing)

“ You only get one chance to be an early adopter with something like this, so there was a ‘time is of the essence’ element to electric vehicle technology.The deployment of these networked charging stations was very well aligned with the City of Kingston’s mantra of innovation and our strategic commitment to climate leadership.”

Paul MacLatchy, Environment Director, City of Kingston, Ontario, Canada

About FLO:

FLO is a prominent electric vehicle (EV) charging network operator and smart charging solutions provider in North America. Their goal is to combat climate change and promote the adoption of EVs by offering a comprehensive business model and reliable charging experiences for EV drivers. With over 95,000 fast and level 2 EV charging stations deployed at various locations, FLO facilitates more than 1,000,000 charging events every month. Their charging stations are manufactured with precision in Michigan and Quebec. For further information on their commitment to “EV charging done right,” visit flo.com


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