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Top Event-Highlights of the Beijing Auto Show 2024

China's auto show highlighted EV innovations and strategic partnerships, showcasing Xiaomi, BYD's dual-mode cars and Chery's vision for balanced mobility. Chinese brands expand globally while foreign players navigate market shifts.
Dew Briefs:

The Beijing Auto Show 2024 emerged as a pivotal moment in the automotive industry’s journey towards electrification. Hosted in the vibrant city of Beijing, the show brought together leading automakers, industry experts, and enthusiasts from around the world. With a primary focus on electric vehicles (EVs) and sustainable mobility solutions, the event underscored the growing importance of the Chinese market in shaping the future of the automotive industry.

Explore the electrifying pulse of innovation at the Beijing Auto Show 2024, where cutting-edge technologies, visionary designs, and sustainable mobility solutions converge to shape the future of automotive excellence.

AudiQ6 e-Tron,

SQ6 e-Tron
Audi showcases the elongated Q6 e-Tron and SQ6 e-Tron, emphasizing its commitment to electric mobility. Production to start at Audi’s new Changchun EV factory.New Electric SUVs
BAICBJ40, Alpha S5The BJ40 Plus 2.3T Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection Engine, Top Military Standard, Strong Separate Frame Construction. The new car is expected to be officially launched in the first half of the YearBj40 Large SUV Gasoline Fuel Car, Alpha S5 is mid-size Electric
BYDQin L, Seal 06, Sea Lion 07, Ocean-M concept, SeagullBYD presents three new models: the Qin L, Seal 06, and Sea Lion 07, along with the Ocean-M concept. Notably, the Seagull, BYD’s cheapest electric offering, impresses with advanced technology and potential for export markets.New Electric and hybrid models
BYD’s Fang Cheng BaoSuper 9, Super 3, Bao 5, Bao 8Fang Cheng Bao unveiled several models including the Super 9 roadster and Super 3 SUV concept cars, along with the existing Bao 5 and new Bao 8 models, showcasing the brand’s expansion beyond SUVs and offers a combined driving range of 1200km and supports DC fast chargingRoadster and SUV concept carsSpectacular central control command (Bao 5)
CATLShenxing Plus batteryCATL unveils the Shenxing Plus battery, a remarkable lithium iron phosphate battery offering 4C charging and a range of 1000 km, representing a significant advancement in battery technology, adding 600 km in just 10 minutes.New battery technology
ChanganQiyuan E07Changan dominates its stand with the Qiyuan E07, a stunning electric vehicle boasting advanced technology and sleek design.New Electric SUV
ChevroletEquinox Plus PHEVChevrolet introduces the Equinox Plus, a new PHEV variant of the Equinox lineup, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to electric powertrains.New PHEV model
Plug-in Hybrid
Dadaooutdoor off-road pickup truckDadao makes an unexpected appearance at the Beijing Auto Show, likely showcasing its latest pickup models.(Details not provided)
DenzaZ9 GTDenza presents the Z9 GT sport sedan, building on the success of its D9 MPV, offering advanced technology and impressive performance.New Electric Sedan
DongfengM-Hero 917eπ 008Dongfeng’s stand features a quirky 4WD concept, signaling the brand’s innovative approach to off-road vehicles.New concept
FordBronco, MustangFord showcases the locally produced Bronco SUV, the Mustang Coupe Performance Edition, and the redesigned Mustang convertible, featuring rugged interiors and advanced technology.New SUV and coupe variants
GAC AionSSR, HT, GTGAC Aion’s Hyper brand made its independent debut at the show, introducing models such as the SSR, HT, and GT, showcasing the brand’s range of electric vehicles.New Electric vehicle lineup
Geely Lynk & CoGalaxy Starship, a concept SUV,
08 EM-P
Geely’s Lynk & Co brand introduced the 08 EM-P, offering a glimpse into the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles with European-inspired design and technology.European-inspired design and technology
HavalH9, Poer PickupHaval presented the long-awaited new generation H9 SUV and showcased the Poer Pickup among other models, demonstrating the brand’s diverse lineup at the GWM stand.New generation SUVPickup truck
HondaYe familyHonda unveils the Ye family of EVs developed for the Chinese market, including the S7 and P7 crossovers and a GT sedan concept.New EV lineup
iCar03T, V23, X25iCar presented a surprisingly large lineup featuring the sporty version of the unique model 03, called the 03T, and impressive concepts including the V23 and X25, indicating the brand’s ambitious plans for expansion and innovation in the market.New sporty version and concept cars
JetourShanhai NEV series, Shanhai L7Jetour, a brand by Chery, presented its new Shanhai NEV series including models like the T1 and T5, alongside the new Shanhai L7 SUV, reflecting the brand’s growth and success in the Chinese market over the past five years.New energy vehicle series SUV
Li AutoL6, MegaLi Auto introduces the new L6 SUV and Mega MPV, featuring advanced technology and luxurious interiors.New SUV and MPV
Lynk & Co08 EM-PLynk & Co debuts the 08 EM-P, a stylish electric vehicle with European-inspired design and cutting-edge features.New Electric vehicle
MazdaEZ-6Mazda enters the EV market with the EZ-6 sedan, marking its late foray into electric vehicles.First EV in Mazda’s lineup
MercedesG-Class ElectricThe long-awaited Mercedes G-Class Electric makes its World Debut at the Beijing Auto Show, offering a sustainable version of the iconic G-Class.First Electric G-Class
MiniAcemanMini presents the all-new Aceman small EV crossover, featuring a traditional round central console in line with the brand’s design heritage.New small EV crossover
NIOET7 Executive EditionNIO focused on sedans at the show, displaying the new uber-luxurious ET7 Executive Edition and demonstrating its battery swap technology, showcasing the brand’s advancements in electric mobility and innovative solutions for convenience.Luxury sedan Battery swap demonstration
NissanEpoch, Epic, Era and EvoTied up with Baidu, aiming to meet the changing needs of Chinese customers.
SUV and Hybrid Sedan
PolestonesPolestones 01Polestones, previously known as Rox, displayed the unique model 01, featuring an interior on par with Chinese standards and a giant central touch screen, reflecting the brand’s commitment to delivering innovative and technologically advanced vehicles.Innovative interior design Giant central touch screen
Smart#5 conceptSmart reveals the #5 concept, the third model after the #1 and #3, as a joint venture between Mercedes and Geely. Expected to launch in late 2024 in China and early 2025 in Europe.New concept
ToyotabZ3X, bZ4C, PradoToyota introduces the bZ3X crossover and the bZ4C fastback sedan alongside the existing bZ4X crossover and the China-exclusive bZ3 sedan. Also, launches the new generation Prado SUV, featuring a larger touch screen and modern design.New EV lineup Upgraded Prado SUV
The ID.Code 01
Volkswagen presents a glimpse of the future brand design in China with the ID. CODE were designed for Level 4 autonomous drivingNew Concept Car Electric
VolvoEX30Simple digitalization approach, easy-to-operate audio system and tablet screen, sustainable interior fabrics.Electric SUV
Voyaheπ 008Voyah presents the new eπ 008, expanding its range of electric vehicles with advanced technology and impressive performance.New Electric vehicle
XiaomiSU7Xiaomi’s first ever electric car was showcased at the Beijing Auto Show 2024 and All nine colors of Xiaomi SU7 are on display at the Beijing Auto ShowNew Electric vehicle
XpengX9, MONAXpeng unveils the outlandish X9 concept and the recently launched X9 MPV, along with plans for a new AI-centric sub-brand called MONA.New concept and sub-brand
YangwangU8, U7Yangwang showcased the flagship U8 SUV and introduced the third model, the U7 flagship sedan, boasting impressive performance and advanced technology, reflecting the brand’s focus on delivering high-performance vehicles with innovative features.High-performance SUV and sedan Advanced technology
YuanhangY6, Y7, H8, H9Yuanhang presented four models including the Y6 and Y7 sedans, and the H8 and H9 SUVs, indicating the brand’s presence and ambition in the market despite being relatively unknown, showcasing a diverse lineup catering to different consumer preferences and needs.Diverse lineup of sedans and SUVs
Diver Insights:

At China’s premier auto show, global automakers and EV startups spotlighted their latest models and concepts, underlining China’s ascent as a critical market for digitally connected, new-energy vehicles.

Toyota and Nissan’s collaborations with Chinese tech giants to incorporate AI-driven features underscored the industry’s response to evolving consumer preferences. Notable innovations from established players like BYD, with its dual-mode plug-in cars and luxury SUVs, reflected a shift towards eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Chery’s forward-looking vision embraced a balanced approach, envisaging a future with fuel-powered, hybrid, and electric vehicles. As Chinese automakers expand globally, particularly in Latin America, they face challenges like potential EU tariffs.

The auto show underscored China’s pivotal role in reshaping the automotive industry, prompting foreign manufacturers to swiftly adapt to the dynamic market. Stay tuned as we explore the electrifying innovations and insights from the Beijing Auto Show 2024, delving into automotive excellence and sustainability.


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