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Peter Rawlinson Biography, CEO Lucid Motors’s

As CEO of Lucid Motors, Peter Rawlinson exemplifies leadership, leveraging his extensive automotive experience, notably as Chief Engineer of Tesla's Model S, to drive advancements and oversee the imminent launch of the Gravity SUV.
Peter_Rawlinson_Lucid Motors
Peter Rawlinson_Lucid Motors
As Lucid Motors’ CEO, Peter Rawlinson spearheads the company’s innovation and engineering efforts, bringing a wealth of experience from his notable roles at Tesla, Lotus, and Jaguar.
Lucid Motors Company revenue: US$608.2m*
Net worth: approx. US$1m*
  • Peter Rawlinson, a British engineer, is currently based in California.
  • He holds the positions of chief executive officer and chief technology officer at Lucid Motors.
  • Rawlinson is renowned for his work as the Chief Engineer of the Tesla Model S and the Lucid Air.
  • During his early life, he grew up in South Wales and attended schooling in Cowbridge, near Cardiff.
  • Initially, Rawlinson considered pursuing art school but ultimately decided to become an engineer.
  • He completed his education at Imperial College London, graduating from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1979.
  • Rawlinson has had a notable career in the UK automotive industry, holding positions such as Principal Engineer at Jaguar Cars, Chief Engineer at Lotus Cars, and Head of Vehicle Engineering at Corus Automotive.
  • In 2010, he joined Tesla and served as Vice President and Chief Vehicle Engineering for the Tesla Model S.
  • Rawlinson played a crucial role in the technical execution and delivery of the Model S, leveraging the advantages of electric vehicle drivetrain technology.
  • He joined Lucid Motors in 2013 as the Chief Technology Officer and later became the Chief Executive Officer in 2019, overseeing the development of the Lucid Air alongside Derek Jenkins.
Unveiling Lucid Motors’ Next Chapter: CEO Peter Rawlinson’s Mastery in EV Engineering and the Anticipated Launch of the Gravity SUV

Lucid Motors is preparing to launch its second electric vehicle, the Gravity SUV, before the end of 2024. The CEO of Lucid Motors, Peter Rawlinson, is heavily involved in the engineering process and possesses a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of their vehicles.

Rawlinson has a strong background in the automotive industry, having held significant positions at well-known companies like Lotus, Jaguar, and Tesla. He played a crucial role as the Chief Engineer of Tesla’s Model S and also served as the VP of Vehicle Engineering during his time at Tesla.

Rawlinson’s extensive experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to Lucid Motors. Currently residing in California, Rawlinson holds the positions of chief executive officer and chief technology officer at Lucid Motors, where he continues to make significant contributions, including his work on the Lucid Air.


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