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From Batteries to Mobility: A Comprehensive Look at Automotive and Energy Industry Leaders in India

The projected growth of electric vehicles in India, with the number of electric cars expected to exceed 300 million by 2030.The increasing demand for passenger vehicles in India, driven by a growing middle class and rising disposable income.
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Dew Briefs:

  • India’s automobile industry has been steadily growing and is expected to experience even greater growth in 2024.
  • Currently, India ranks third in terms of automobile production capacity.
  • India is expected to become a major player in global auto supply chains in the near future.
  • The Indian government’s favorable policies, such as the waiver of transmission fees for green hydrogen manufacturing plants for 25 years and the aim to have all vehicles running on electricity by 2030, are driving growth in the industry.
  • These policies are expected to incentivize the production of electric vehicles and green hydrogen fuel, creating business opportunities for investors.

In summary, investing in Indian automobile businesses, particularly in electric vehicles and related sectors, can offer significant growth opportunities due to the growing demand for electric vehicles, increasing demand for passenger vehicles, adoption of new technologies, and the availability of a skilled labor market.

Major players in India’s automobile manufacturing sector include Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, and others. The industry plays a significant role in the country’s economy and global automotive market.

Automotive and Energy Industry Leaders Investing in Indian Automobile Businesses

  1. Exide Industries: A major Indian manufacturer of lead-acid batteries for automotive and industrial applications.
  2. Amara Raja Energy & Mobility Ltd: A subsidiary of Amara Raja Group, focusing on energy storage solutions and mobility-related technologies, including Lithium-ion batteries.
  3. Panasonic Corporation: A multinational electronics company known for its wide range of products, including batteries, consumer electronics, and automotive components.
  4. Ola Electric: A subsidiary of Ola Cabs, Ola Electric is involved in the development and deployment of electric vehicles and associated infrastructure, such as charging stations.
  5. Amaron: A brand under Amara Raja Batteries Ltd, offering automotive batteries known for their durability and reliability.
  6. Loom Solar: An Indian company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of solar panels and related products.
  7. Tata Motors: One of India’s largest automotive manufacturers, producing a wide range of vehicles, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and electric vehicles.
  8. HBL Power Systems Ltd: A company involved in the design, development, and manufacturing of specialized batteries and power systems for various applications, including defense and aerospace.
  9. Hero MotoCorp: The world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, producing motorcycles and scooters.
  10. Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd: A multinational conglomerate with interests in various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, agribusiness, and information technology.
  11. Maruti Suzuki: India’s largest car manufacturer, known for producing a wide range of affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles.
  12. Canorx Motors Private Limited: Information on this specific company is not readily available. It may be a startup or a lesser-known entity in the automotive or energy sector.
  13. Cygni Energy: An Indian company specializing in the development and deployment of solar energy solutions, including solar panels, inverters, and energy storage systems.
  14. Das E Solution: Information on this specific company is not readily available. It may be a startup or a lesser-known entity in the energy or technology sector.
  15. Power Grid: Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) is a state-owned electric utilities company involved in transmission and distribution of electricity in India.
  16. Prakash M: The information provided is not sufficient to determine the specific company or individual referred to.
  17. Tata Chemicals: A subsidiary of Tata Group, Tata Chemicals is a global company involved in the manufacturing and distribution of chemicals, fertilizers, and consumer products. They also have interests in sustainable energy solutions, including lithium-ion batteries.

These companies operate in diverse sectors and contribute to various aspects of the automotive, energy, and technology industries in India and globally.


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