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Eli Zero: Half the Seats and Price but Double the efficiency

Practical features such as air conditioning, a USB charging port, speed adjustment, sunroof, and optional Bluetooth make it even more convenient.
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Image Source: Eli

The Eli-Zero is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a small and light vehicle for their daily routine of traveling up to 20 to 30 miles and who like that it makes their journey very easy and Make it convenient. The advanced yet simple design of the vehicle is perfect for short distances. The battery lasts long and is very safe and reliable, it has a built-in system to keep it running smoothly.

Despite having half the seats of a conventional compact car, the Eli ZERO provides a practical and enjoyable driving experience, perfect for urban commuting and short trips.

According to Eli, the Smart Brain system in the Eli ZERO monitors all aspects of the vehicle in real-time, ensuring it always performs at its best. Charging the vehicle is straightforward, as it can be plugged into any regular 230 V outlet. Eli highlights the user-friendly nature of the vehicle, featuring proximity detection, auto-unlock, and press-to-start, making it exceptionally easy and convenient for users to get in and go.

The intuitive design, including LED headlights, a central dial, and frameless glass doors, shows careful attention to detail. Practical features such as air conditioning, a USB charging port, speed adjustment, sunroof, and optional Bluetooth make it even more convenient. Overall, the Eli ZERO is praised for being a well-designed, innovative, and easy-to-use solution for daily short trips.

ModelsEli-Zero and Eli-Zero Plus
Dimensions (LxWxH)88.6×54.3×64.4in
Tires165/65 R13, Alloy Rims
ClassificationLSV / NEV
Seating Capacity2
Trunk Capacity5.65 ft3
Vehicle Performance
Top Speed25mph
Min Turning Radius11.8ft
DriveRear Wheel Drive – Rear Engine
Max Gradeability30%
Ground Clearance≥5.31in
Driving ModeEco/Sport Dual Driving Mode
Regenerative Braking
Power System
Batteries8 or 12 kWh LFP
Max Range60 or 90 miles
Charging Time (at 220-240V)~2-4h
Battery Thermal System
Advanced Battery Management System
Rated Power6 kW
Service Battery12V
Home Charger (included)

Eli promises to revolutionize short-distance travel with their advanced personal vehicle, the Eli ZERO. Designed to simplify movements over short distances, the Eli ZERO is poised to change the way we transport from Point A to Point B. Key features include Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries, which offer extended range, safety, reliability, and high density, backed by 13 Battery Protection Measures and an advanced Battery Management System.

Eli promotes the ZERO as significantly more energy-efficient compared to conventional cars, boasting up to three to ten times greater efficiency. The optimized kinetic conversion and control system provides an extended range, high torque, and smooth acceleration, making daily trips easy and enjoyable with a maximum range of up to 60 miles (100 km). Charging is convenient, with the ability to use any 240V outlet at 24 miles/hour or a 120V outlet at 12 miles/hour.

The Eli ZERO is powered by an 8 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, featuring an automotive-grade RESS system with three times the energy density of lead-acid batteries. The vehicle includes a rearview camera with backup radar for enhanced safety, along with keyless start and built-in keyless entry for ease of use.

Each model comes standard with a sunroof, heating and cooling air conditioning, windshield defogging, and up to 160L of trunk space for ample storage.

Additionally, Eli ZERO is equipped with Bluetooth-enabled speakers to keep you connected to your music, and a Sony infotainment system with a 10.1″ HD digital media receiver, featuring wireless smartphone connectivity, putting everything at your fingertips.


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