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Dogood and Eli, Zero: Innovative Solutions for Urban Mobility

The Zero designed tackle the issues faced by city residents, no need for alternative modes of transportation.
The Zero- DoGood and Eli

One potential solution to combat inefficiency and congestion in urban transportation systems is the promotion of alternative modes of transportation such as cycling, walking, and public transportation. Encouraging more people to use these modes for short trips can help reduce the number of cars on the road and alleviate traffic congestion.

But after experiencing the Zero, Dogood and Eli may promise that there is no need for the alternative modes of transportation.

Here we discuss two cars, Dogood and Eli, that provide solutions for those uninterested in cycling, walking, or public transportation. While Dogood and Eli aren’t global brands, they offer suitable alternatives in their specific regions, addressing urban mobility challenges.


Here, Dogood and Eli provide more suitable solutions for alternative modes of transportation, compared to conventional compact cars. Both brands offer models named Zero, designed to meet urban mobility needs.

Range (WMTC)60 Miles50.3 Miles
Top Speed25Mph28 Mph
Battery Capacity6 kw4.8 kWh
Length2250 mm2500 mm
Width1372 mm1202 mm
Height1636 mm1625 mm
Wheelbase1600 mm1720 mm

The Zero, no need for alternative modes of transportation, Dogood and Eli


Both brands have compact and eco-friendly vehicles designed to tackle the issues faced by city residents, such as traffic congestion, parking shortages, and environmental concerns. These cars aim to alleviate urban transportation problems while minimizing their environmental impact.


The Zero models offer promising alternatives for urban transport, reducing strain on city infrastructure and lowering carbon emissions. They provide a viable solution to the challenges of increasing urbanization and personal mobility demands.


Overall, both Dogood and Eli are working towards creating more eco-friendly infrastructure, aiming to encourage more people to choose models like Zero for driving. Their efforts focus on promoting sustainable transportation options and supporting a greener urban environment.


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