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2024 Genesis GV60 Advanced AWD Price, Specs, Photos and Trims

The Genesis GV60 is the luxury brand's inaugural entry into the dedicated electric vehicle market, offering a more compact and affordable option positioned below the Electrified GV70.
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Dew Briefs:

2024 Genesis GV60 Advanced AWD is the luxury brand’s upgraded with its advanced features driving assists as standard, such as forward collision avoidance and a refined Highway Driving Assist package, enhancing safety and convenience on the road. Passenger safety is prioritized with rear seat pre-tensioners, side airbags, and a rear seatbelt reminder, ensuring comprehensive protection for all occupants.

Starting price


2024 Genesis GV60 Advanced AWD

Power output


314 hp


446 lb-ft

(516 lb-ft in Boost mode)

Genesis offers a Build and Order option for customers to customize their GV60, allowing for a unique driving experience tailored to their preferences. One notable feature is the iconic Two Lines headlights, adding distinct character. The car boasts a refined Highway Driving Assist package, making long drives on the highway a breeze.

The GV60’s front design complements its refined body, striking a balance between sophistication and dynamism. Attention to detail enhances both aesthetic appeal and aerodynamic efficiency. Customers can choose from various colors, materials, and technological features to create a personalized GV60.

This commitment to customization showcases Genesis’s dedication to exceptional vehicles. The GV60 combines iconic design with state-of-the-art features, exemplifying Genesis’s commitment to excellence in automotive craftsmanship.

Overall Length (mm)4,515 mm
Overall Width (mm)1,890 mm
Overall Height (mm)1,585 mm
Front Overhang (mm)831 mm
Rear Overhang (mm)786 mm
Wheel Base (mm)2,900 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm)161 mm
Cargo volume (L)1,550 L / 680 L
Engine / Battery TypeLithium-ion
Driving SystemAWD
Displacement (cc) / Battery Capacity (kWh)77.4 kWh
Max. Power Output (hp/rpm) / (kW)234 kW (314 hp)
Max. Motor Torque (lb-ft/rpm) / (lb-ft)605Nm (446 lb-ft)
Electric Driving Range399 km
Battery Power Output (kW)394 kW
Max. Voltage (V)697 V
Max. Towing Capacity (lbs)750 kg / 1,650 (without trailer brakes), 907 kg / 2,000 (with trailer brakes)
City / Highway / Combined (EPA/AWD)Le/100km : 2.3/2.7/2.5
Charging Time (Level 2)7 hours, 5 minutes
Rapid Charge (Level 3: 50kW) – 10%-80%73 minutes
Rapid Charge (Level 3: 350kW (800V)) – 10%-80%18 minutes

For those seeking high performance, the GV60 offers a Performance trim boasting up to 483 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft of torque, delivering a thrilling driving experience with acceleration from 0 to highway speeds in under 4 seconds.

Even in its standard operation, the GV60 provides 429 horsepower and 446 lb.-ft of torque, ensuring robust power for any driving situation. The GV60 combines advanced safety features, impressive performance, and luxury, making it a compelling choice for those transitioning to electric vehicles without compromising on quality or power.


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