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The Renault Twizy, With Quick Charging, High Safety & Custom Design

Since 2012, Renault's electric quadricycle Twizy has become a unique fixture in urban and shared mobility landscapes.
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On April 20, 2017, in Hamilton, Bermuda, Renault handed over the keys to 10 Twizys to Groupama Team France competing for the 35th America’s Cup. Where it was used by the Groupama team to commute from their apartments to the America’s Cup venue.

The Renault Twizy redefines urban mobility by offering a vehicle that can be driven from the age of 14 with an AM license, making it accessible for younger drivers. Designed for urban commuting, it provides a perfect solution for navigating city streets without restrictions.

A fatal collision occurred in Pune, India, on the morning of May 19, 2024, involving a teenager allegedly driving a Porsche while under the influence. The incident tragically resulted in the death of two 24-year-old IT professionals who were riding a motorbike.

For parents concerned about their under-18 drivers’ safety, The Renault Twizy like electric vehicles (EVs) offer a promising solution. While the recent accident involving a drunk underage driver underscores the dangers of irresponsible driving, EVs can provide added safety features and monitoring capabilities.

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Educating children about the risks of reckless driving is crucial. Offering small two-seater vehicles like the Renault Twizy and Tata Nano in India, along with parental guidance, fosters safer driving habits among underage drivers. These vehicles, equipped with advanced safety features, mitigate risks such as over-speeding and encourage responsibility.

The Twizy’s battery can be fully recharged in just 3.5 hours using a standard household socket, ensuring convenience for users. In terms of safety, the Twizy boasts both active and passive safety features, including a tubular chassis by Renault Sport, four disc brakes, a four-point seat belt, a driver airbag, and reverse radar for parking assistance.

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The vehicle also offers customizable body color options for a personalized look. In France, Twizy 45 is priced from 7,450 euros, and 8,240 euros for the Twizy 80 version.

VariantsTwizy provide two engines options – 5 hp/33 & 17 hp/57Nm
Range & Top Speed120km with 45km/h & 100km with 80km/h
Length/Width2.34m / 1.23m
DesignUrban Mobility
Speaker5w Bluetooth
SafetyTubular chassis, 4 disc brakes, 4-point seat belt, driver airbag, reverse radar
Best-SellingLatin America, including Bermuda
SpecialFirst ten Twizy delivered to Groupama Team France for America’s Cup commute as of April 20, 2017

The Renault Twizy has seen success in sales, being the best-selling all-electric vehicle in Latin America, including Bermuda. The vehicle comes in two variants with different ranges and top speeds, offering options for different needs. With zero CO2 emissions, the Twizy is an eco-friendly choice for urban transportation.

Overall, The Renault Twizy combines efficiency, safety, and customization to provide a practical and environmentally friendly solution for urban mobility. Available in two versions, the Twizy 45 and Twizy 80, it offers flexibility in licensing requirements across different regions.


In France, the Twizy 45 is classified as a light motor-powered quadricycle (category L6a) and can be driven by individuals aged 14 and over who hold a road safety certificate, even without a formal driving license. The Twizy 80, however, falls under the heavy quadricycle category (L7e) and requires a regular B or B1 license, accessible from the age of 16.


In Germany, the Twizy 45 is accessible to individuals aged 16 and older with a moped license, while the Twizy 80 requires a category B driving license, the standard license for car drivers. This versatility makes the Twizy a convenient choice for a wide range of drivers, enhancing its appeal as an urban transportation solution.


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