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The Exeed Exlantix ET: Chery’s Next-Generation Electric SUV

The Exeed ET is the first vehicle to use CATL's Shenxing superfast charging battery. The battery provides a 400 km range after a ten-minute charge and can be charged from 20% to 80% in 24 minutes even in -20 Celsius temperature. The Exlantix ET is set to make its mark in the mid-to-large-sized SUV market and is scheduled for release in 2024.
Source: Exeed

Dew Briefs:

  • The Exeed Exlantix ET is a mid-size electric SUV from Chery Group set to enter or expected in the Chinese market, 2024.
  • The SUV supports both BEV and EREV powertrains and offers four powertrain options.
  • The Exlantix ET has a futuristic look and features lidar technology.
  • 0-100 kph Acceleration Time – 4.5s
  • Peak Power – 350+km
  • WLTP Range – 530km

Chery Group’s Exeed Exlantix ET, a mid-sized electric SUV, approved for global exports. In China, it will be known as Sterra ET with a range-extender version called EREV. It will have four powertrain options, including a base model with a 185kW electric motor and LFP battery capable of 190 km/h. A higher trim level will feature a 230kW electric motor and M3P battery, reaching 200 km/h. Launching in China in 2024 and internationally in 2025.

Exeed Exlantix ET Concept
Source: Exeed/edited by dewDiver

The Exceed Exlantix ET Electric SUV by Chery Group is set to launch in the Chinese market in 2024, with mass production already underway in Wuhu, Anhui Province. The vehicle boasts a 5-meter body size, a range of over 700 km, and a dual-motor four-wheel drive system that supports both BEV and EREV powertrains. It offers four powertrain options, with the base model featuring a 185 kW electric motor and a more powerful 230 kW motor in the second trim level. The SUV utilizes Chery’s E0X platform and incorporates lidar technology and a futuristic design, with an expected price around 200,000 yuan.

In terms of innovative features, the Exceed Exlantix ET includes a 15.6-inch 2.5K central touchscreen with Lion AI intelligent home voice control, a home theater with a 7.1.4 panoramic sound system, and a 2.38-square-meter panoramic sunroof. It also features an electric sliding auxiliary instrument panel for an enhanced cabin experience.

Exeed Exlantix ET design
Source: Exeed

The SUV’s battery and charging capabilities are impressive, with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system delivering 183 kW in the front motor and 230 kW in the rear motor. It adopts Chery’s NP2.0 technology for the battery pack, offering capacity options of 60 kWh, 82 kWh, and 100 kWh. Fast charging capabilities enable a 150 km range in just 5 minutes, and it is the first vehicle to feature CATL’s Shenxing superfast charging battery, providing a 400 km range after a 10-minute charge.

The Exceed Exlantix ET is scheduled for market release in the first quarter of 2024 and is positioned to compete in the pure-electric mid-to-large-sized SUV market.

The Chery International User Summit, held in Wuhu, China on October 18, 2023, focused on the rapid development and social responsibility of the automotive industry. The event, themed “New Journey, New Life,” attracted over 500 participants from more than 40 countries, including car owners and media.

Diver Insights:

The summit highlighted Chery International’s commitment to sustainable growth, innovation, and global collaboration. It specifically showcased the achievements of its premium brand, EXEED, and presented a collective vision for an exciting future in the automotive industry.

Overall, the summit provided valuable insights into Chery International’s dedication to driving the automotive industry forward and its efforts to contribute to a sustainable future.


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