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The R5 E-TECH 100% Electric, Renault 2024

Dew Briefs:

  • New city car R5 rewrites rules to launch R5, Super5, and R5 Turbo into the future
  • Goal is to make electric cars widespread in Europe
  • Modern twist on popular and essential R5: silent, high-tech, environmentally friendly, and cheeky
  • Renault Group is committed to producing Renault 5 E-Tech electric – and its battery – in France from summer 2025

Developed through innovative working methods, the production model has all the magic and charm of the show-car.
It was developed in just three years, compared with the usual four. Packed with electrical and digital technology and
entirely manufactured in France, it is also competitively priced, starting at around €25,000.

Diver Insights:

  • Electric: 100%
  • Range: up to 400 km
  • Price: Starting from €25,000
  • Launch: R5, Super5, and R5 Turbo into the future
  • design: more rugged wheel arches, streamlined roof profile, boxier bodywork and more

Dimensions and weight

Length: 3.92m
Width: 1.77m
Height: 1.50m
Wheelbase: 2.54m
Front overhang: 749 mm
Rear overhang: 633 mm
Ground clearance: 145 mm
Weight: from 1,450 kilos (52 kWh version) and 1,350 kilos (40 kWh version)
Boot capacity: 326 litres

Performance (110 kW motor and 52 kWh battery version)
0 to 100 km/h: < 8 sec
80 to 120 km/h: < 7 sec
Top speed 150 km/h

Motors and batteries

Wound rotor synchronous electric motor
70 kW (95 bhp / 215 Nm)
90 kW (120 bhp / 225 Nm)
110 kW (150 bhp / 245 Nm)

Lithium-ion battery
Comfort range 52 kWh (range up to 400 km WLTP)
Urban range 40 kWh (range up to 300 km WLTP)

11 kW AC unidirectional for the 70 kW motor
11 kW AC bidirectional for the 90 and 110 kW motors
80 kW DC for the 90 kW motor
100 kW DC for the 110 kW motor

Key Features & Spec Highlights

  • Evocative design cues
  • Modern proportions
  • More compact than it looks
  • 18” wheels for everyone
  • Bright iconic colours
  • A two-tier padded dashboard
  • Iconic seats and upholstery
  • Large horizontal screen
  • A graphic interface with a pop art look
  • The capacity of a true multi-purpose city car
  • A true electric platform
  • Focus on driving pleasure
  • Dynamic braking system
  • Premium acoustic and thermal comfort
  • Outstanding passive safety
  • Two battery options
  • Three motor power ratings
  • 11 kW AC bidirectional charging
  • DC charging up to 100 kW
  • A full range of services to take advantage of V2G
  • Unique personalised accessories

“Some products are magical. You don’t need endless discussions; everybody always agrees on what needs to be done.
And they just do it. There’s no inertia. When a company revives a car that left such great memories, they pour a huge
amount of love into it. This is something that is always promising for the future, since it is recognised by customers.
They can see the love that went into the car.”

Luca de Meo, CEO Renault Group
Quote from the new “R5, an extraordinary story”
  • The Renault 5 E-Tech is a modern and environmentally friendly version of the iconic Renault 5 car.
  • It will be officially unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in February 2024.
  • The design features a mix of retro and futuristic elements, with rugged wheel arches, a streamlined soft-top roof, and boxier bodywork.
  • The front of the car retains the original Renault 5’s smile.
Renault E5

R5 E-TECH 100% ELECTRIC PROTOTYPE future 100% electric icon

The vehicle brings in technology as a modern twist to blend with its well-known iconic shapes

Renault E5
  • R5 Prototype is a preview of a special Roland-Garros series of the future Renault 5 electric
  • Visual tributes to the Roland-Garros stadium incorporated in the design

“We used pieces of collective memory that we translated in a very contemporary way to create the R5 of tomorrow. We didn’t want the Renault 5 E-Tech Electric to feel nostalgic or vintage. We wanted to triggering emotion and created a vibrant, energetic, and POP car.“ 

Gilles Vidal, VP Design, Renault & Ampere

All of the historic markings of the R5’s design are there, just revamped and modernised to adapt to the 100% electric model.

  • Features include croix de saint André on lateral grilles, backlit Roland-Garros logo, chrome satin window contours, and anodized blue rims
  • Renault 5 E-Tech electric features advanced driving aids (ADAS) such as intelligent adaptive cruise control and Active Driver Assist.
  • The vehicle includes innovative technologies to assist rescue services in case of an accident, such as Fireman Access, Pyroswitch, and QRescue.
  • The dynamic braking system in the Renault 5 E-Tech electric reduces reaction time for automatic braking by half.
  • Safety Coach is a feature that helps the driver in minimizing the risk of accidents.

The trims and materials are inspired by electronics, furniture and sport designs

  • Renault Group will manufacture the Renault 5 E-Tech electric and its battery in France starting in summer 2025. The Douai plant, a former production site for the original Renault 5, will handle assembly of both vehicles and batteries.
  • Motor components will be made at Cléon, while modules will be produced at the Douai Gigafactory through a partnership with Envision AESC, starting in summer 2025. By 2030, the carbon footprint of these modules is expected to be 35% smaller than that of the ZOE model.
  • The Renault 5 E-Tech electric will be built in northern France, with suppliers located within a 300 km radius of the ElectriCity complex. This strategy aims to create a competitive local production ecosystem and establish a European electric valley specializing in the electric vehicle value chain. This initiative aims to protect jobs and reduce the environmental impact of production.

A modern twist on the essential and popular car while making the electric car widespread throughout Europe … that it is the aim of this future icon.

“Renault 5 E-Tech electric is a car unlike any other. Its release coincides with a major shift by millions of Europeans towards a new mobility which is electric, connected, and sustainable. It also triggered the transformation of Renault Group into a next-generation automotive company.

To develop this car in just three years in France, to the highest technological standard, all our decisions had to be disruptive, and our organisation as agile as possible. We were the first ones to make a bet on a 100% electric platform for a small European car, to optimise costs across the value chain, to relocate our industrial ecosystem… Only an iconic car could bring our teams together in this way and move the needle internally.

In the face of significant change in our industry, this car paves a new way for Renault. It’s at the heart of the battle to reinvent European industry against competition coming from the east and the west. With this vehicle we’re proving that production in Europe, in France really is possible!”

Luca de Meo, CEO Renault Group
  • The new city car, R5 E-Tech, aims to revolutionize the electric car market in Europe
  • The R5 E-Tech is a modern take on the classic R5, featuring silent, high-tech, environmentally friendly, and cheeky characteristics

“The R5’s DNA is unique. It’s a joyful vehicle that attracts sympathy. It’s a vehicle that is both popular and avant-garde, providing new solutions for the times it’s living in. That was the case in 1972. It will still be the case in 2024. The Renault 5 E-Tech electric is a design masterstroke, a new brain with cutting-edge technologies and electric legs based on a new-generation platform that is unique in Europe: AmpR Small. It’s also the result of a commitment to responsible, sustainable production. Our teams have put a great deal of passion, excellence and hard work into developing Renault 5 E-tech electric. This passion and the love we’ve put into this car are highly contagious. The R5 has a single target: the hearts of our customers. It will leave its mark on the history of the brand.”

Fabrice Cambolive, CEO Renault brand
Source: Renault
  • The vehicle is designed as a city car for the future, with a focus on being urban, electric, and attractive.
  • It is made from at least 22% recycled materials and is over 85% recyclable.
  • The 5 E-Tech will have a 100-kW electric motor and a driving range of up to 400 km (249 miles) per charge.
  • It will come with a 52 kWh battery and advanced technology features, including voice interaction and an onboard bidirectional charger.
  • The car will be produced in Douai, France, and will be commercially available in Europe next summer, starting at €25,000 (about US$27,636).
  • Three power outputs are available for the Renault R5, all single motor and front-wheel drive.
  • The power outputs are 148bhp, 118bhp, and 94bhp (the latter may not be offered in the UK).
  • The car has two battery sizes to choose from: 52kWh for a range of around 249 miles and 40kWh for a range of circa 186 miles.
  • The maximum DC charging speed is 100kW, allowing for a 30-minute charge from 15 to 80 percent.
  • The weight of the car is around 1,450kg for the 52kWh version and 100kg less for the smaller battery.
  • Surprisingly, the car can be ordered with a tow bar for pulling up to 500kg.
  • The Renault R5 has bidirectional AC charging, allowing it to function as a power bank when connected to a special home wall box and a specific energy contract.
  • This feature enables users to charge the car when energy is cheap and sell it back to the grid when demand is high, potentially resulting in significant energy bill savings.

A compact production line around Electricity

  • Carbon-free electricity available in France.
  • Vehicle assembled in our Ampere factory in Douai.
  • Engine manufactured at the Ampere plant in Cléon.
  • Battery pack manufactured at the Ampere plant in Ruitz.
  • Batteries produced at our Douai plant thanks to the Envision partnership, from 2025.
  • 75% of our suppliers are less than 300 km from our Ampere ElectriCity centre (Douai, Maubeuge, Ruitz).
  • 75% of our EV customers are less than 1000 km from ElectriCity.

Repairable batteries with a reduced carbon footprint

  • Stage 1: reduction target of -20% by 2025, compared with 2020.
  • Stage 2: reduction target of -35% by 2030, compared with 2020.

A compact, rare-earth-free electric motor

  • The electric motor of the Renault 5 E-Tech electric is more compact than that of the Megane E-Tech electric and the Scenic E-Tech electric from which it is derived.
  • It remains faithful to Renault’s preferred technology: synchronous with wound rotor.
  • With no permanent magnets, it uses no rare earths, thereby reducing its environmental impact.

Sustainable design

  • 85% recyclable vehicle.
  • 19.4% recycled content (ISO14021 standard).
  • 26.6% of materials from the circular economy, including 41 kg of recycled polymers.
  • 100% recycled fabrics from plastic bottles for the seats from the E3 finish on the Techno and Iconic Cinq versions.

The first vehicle to take part in the energy ecosystem thanks to V2G technology*

  • A new 11 kW bi-directional AC charger to direct charging to areas where renewable energy is available, and to reduce the load on the grid.
  • A charger that allows decarbonized electricity to be fed back into the global electricity grid thanks to the electricity contract offered by Mobilize, in partnership with TMH.

*vehicle to grid

At the forefront of safety

  • Driving aids (ADAS) at the level of the top segment and which go beyond the new GSR II regulation (General Safety Regulation II): in addition to the driver attention alert system, rear automatic emergency braking, forward detection with emergency lane keeping assist, rear detection with emergency lane keeping assist and occupants safe exit alert.
  • Active Driver Assist, the intelligent adaptive cruise control system, anticipates road conditions and brings Level 2 driving delegation.
  • The Safety Coach provides personalized advice for more responsible driving.
  • The new dynamic braking system halves the reaction time for automatic braking.
  • The post-accident automatic braking system automatically locks the vehicle’s brakes in the event of a collision to improve the safety of the vehicle and its occupants after an initial impact.
  • Innovative technologies (Fireman Access, Pyroswitch and QRescue) simplify first-aid response in the event of an accident.

Source: Renault Press News

White metallic colour and is a preview of a special Roland-Garros series of the future Renault 5 electric

For more information please visit Renault.com