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Kia EV6-2024


Starting Price: Rs 60.95 lakh to Rs 65.95 lakh

  • The EV6 models showcase the rapid acceleration of an electric motor.
  • The GT-Line AWD trim, among others, can produce 446 lb-ft of torque, resulting in a 0-60 mph time of 4.6 seconds.
  • In independent ¼ mile tests certified by AMCI Testing, the EV6 outperformed the 335-hp 2021 Porsche Cayenne Coupe.
  • The EV6 exhibits near-instantaneous acceleration.
  • With its electric motor, the EV6 offers a quick and responsive driving experience.
  • The GT-Line AWD trim of the EV6 delivers impressive torque, allowing for swift acceleration.
  • Independent tests have confirmed that the EV6 surpasses the 2021 Porsche Cayenne Coupe in terms of acceleration.
  • The EV6’s acceleration is notably quick, providing an exhilarating driving performance.
  • The EV6’s acceleration capabilities are comparable to high-performance vehicles.
  • The EV6’s acceleration sets it apart from its competitors, including the Porsche Cayenne Coupe.
  • The EV6 offers an unparalleled driving experience, no matter where your journey leads.
  • With its low center of gravity, the EV6 provides exceptional stability and control on the road.
  • The powerful all-electric engine of the EV6 ensures an exhilarating driving performance.
  • Experience the thrill of driving with the EV6’s impressive handling capabilities.
  • The GT trim of the EV6 comes with a sport suspension, further enhancing the driving pleasure.
  • Get ready for an unmatched adventure with the EV6’s thrilling driving dynamics.
  • The EV6’s advanced technology and engineering deliver an extraordinary driving experience.
  • Enjoy the excitement of every turn with the EV6’s exceptional driving dynamics.
  • The EV6’s responsive acceleration and smooth handling make it a joy to drive.
  • Discover the joy of driving with the EV6’s combination of power, agility, and comfort.
  • The EV6 offers standard RWD and a multi-link rear suspension for enhanced handling.
  • With the option of Torque-vectoring e-AWD, certain EV6 models are equipped with dual motors for improved acceleration and traction.
  • The EV6’s RWD capability ensures a responsive and sporty driving experience.
  • The multi-link rear suspension of the EV6 contributes to its agile handling.
  • Models with Torque-vectoring e-AWD provide capable grip in various weather conditions.
  • The EV6’s dual motors in e-AWD models deliver impressive acceleration.
  • The RWD configuration of the EV6 is designed to enhance the vehicle’s performance.
  • The multi-link rear suspension of the EV6 contributes to its dynamic handling characteristics.
  • Torque-vectoring e-AWD in select EV6 models ensures optimal traction and stability.
  • The EV6’s RWD and e-AWD options cater to different driving preferences and climates.
  • The EV6 is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for cold climates.
  • Stay comfortable and in control even in challenging weather with the EV6.
  • Preserve the all-electric range of the EV6 in cold weather driving conditions with the help of a Heat Pump.
  • Keep your hands warm on cold days with the heated steering wheel feature of the EV6.
  • The EV6 is equipped with Dual Motor e-All Wheel Drive for enhanced performance in cold weather.
  • Take on more adventures confidently with the EV6’s ability to handle the elements.
  • The EV6 has been tested and proven to perform well in cold weather conditions.
  • Enjoy a comfortable and controlled driving experience in cold climates with the EV6.
  • The EV6’s Heat Pump feature ensures optimal performance even in cold weather.
  • With the EV6’s Dual Motor e-All Wheel Drive, you can tackle any road conditions in cold weather.

source: Kia