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HONGQI E-HS9 silver

Dew Briefs:

  • Deluxe Cabin Layout The whole view of majestic, the fine workmanship, instantaneous fall in love.
  • Flashy Welcome Light What is breathtaking is not only the sense of the lit ceremony, but also the coming future technology.
  • Panoramic sunroof creates comfortable and the ultimate transparent experience.

Diver Insights:

Range:265 to 540 km/h
Top Speed200km/h
Total Torque750 Nm
Hongqi E-HS9 Production
Source: Hongqi E-HS9 Production
EVDB Real Range
Range370 kmCO2 Emissions0 g/km
Vehicle Consumption243 Wh/kmVehicle Fuel Equivalent2.7 l/100km
WLTP Ratings
Range465 kmCO2 Emissions0 g/km
Rated Consumption220 Wh/kmRated Fuel Equivalent2.5 l/100km
Vehicle Consumption194 Wh/kmVehicle Fuel Equivalent2.2 l/100km
Dimensions and Weight
Length5209 mmCargo Volume438 L
Width2010 mmCargo Volume Max1814 L
Width with mirrorsNo DataCargo Volume FrunkNo Data
Height1731 mmRoof Load75 kg
Wheelbase3110 mmTow Hitch PossibleYes
Weight Unladen (EU)2705 kgTowing Weight UnbrakedNo Data
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR)3180 kgTowing Weight Braked1500 kg
Max. Payload550 kgVertical Load MaxNo Data

A modern design

  • Real-world energy use varies in different situations.
  • Cold weather leads to higher energy consumption, especially when heating is used.
  • Mild weather results in lower energy consumption, especially when A/C is not used.

Motors and batteries

  • ‘Highway’ energy figures are based on a constant speed of 110 km/h.
  • Energy use is influenced by speed, driving style, climate, and route conditions.

Key Features & Spec Highlights

Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h4.9 sec
Top Speed200 km/h
Electric Range370 km
Total Power405 kW (551 PS)
Total Torque750 Nm
Nominal Capacity99.0 kWh
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Number of CellsNo Data
Architecture400 V
Warranty PeriodNo Data
Warranty MileageNo Data
Useable Capacity90.0 kWh
Cathode MaterialNo Data
Pack ConfigurationNo Data
Nominal Voltage410 V
Form FactorNo Data
Name / ReferenceNo Data
Home / Destination
Charge PortType 2
Port LocationRight Side – Rear
Charge Power11 kW AC
Charge Time (0->370 km)9h45m
Charge Speed38 km/h
Fast Charging
Fastcharge PortCCS
FC Port LocationRight Side – Rear
Fastcharge Power (max)140 kW DC
Fastcharge Power (10-80%)112 kW DC
Fastcharge Time (37->296 km)36 min
Fastcharge Speed430 km/h
Autocharge SupportedYes
Plug & Charge
Plug & Charge SupportedNo
Supported Protocol


  • Premium compact SUV
  • Choice of 100% electric or petrol powertrains
  • Electric range of up 265 to 540 km from a single charge
  • LED headlights

Cold Weather

  • It highlights two scenarios: cold weather and mild weather. In cold weather, the ‘worst-case’ energy use is based on a temperature of -10°C and the use of heating.

Mild Weather

  • On the other hand, in mild weather, the ‘best-case’ energy use is based on a temperature of 23°C and no use of air conditioning (A/C).

Charging an electric vehicle (EV) can be done using a regular wall plug or a charging station, with public charging always requiring a charging station. The speed at which an EV can charge depends on the charging station used and the maximum charging capacity of the EV.


Deluxe Cabin Layout

The whole view of majestic, the fine workmanship, instantaneous fall in love.

Breathtaking is not only the sense of the lit ceremony, but also the coming future technology.


The connotation is deep and the color separation curve is soft and flexible, and the beauty of neutralization is incisive and vivid

Large-capacity, high-performance, move at great speed, take you on a further trip

Full-Size Smart Electric SUV

  • In Europe, charging an EV varies by country, with some countries predominantly using 1-phase connections to the grid while others rely on 3-phase connections. The table details the different charging methods available for the Hongqi E-HS9 99 kWh, noting that certain modes of charging may not be widely accessible in some countries.
Source: HONGQI
  • Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is collaborating with Quectel Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. to integrate intelligent connectivity technologies in Hongqi’s E-HS9 vehicles.
  • The Hongqi E-HS9 is the first production vehicle to achieve 100% validation of driving assistance warning in multiple LTE-V2X communication scenarios, making it the world’s first commercialized vehicle with LTE-V2X technology.
  • The Qualcomm 9150 C-V2X chipset enhances vehicle communication range, reliability, and lowers latency with intelligent connectivity technology.
  • The Quectel AG35 module, integrated with Qualcomm technologies, supports sub-meter high-precision positioning on the Hongqi E-HS9, ensuring safer and better driving experiences.
  • The Hongqi E-HS9 was tested under L3 autonomous driving mode for various V2X use cases, validating the robustness of C-V2X technology with a 100% pass rate.
  • Qualcomm Technologies and Quectel aim to advance the Chinese automobile industry through technological innovations and intelligent connected vehicles.
  • The collaboration between Qualcomm Technologies and Quectel supports the commercialization of LTE-V2X in FAW’s Hongqi E-HS9, promising safe and efficient driving experiences for users.

About Hongqi

  • Hongqi is a significant symbol of China’s automobile industry, embodying national pride and historical heritage.
  • The brand represents a sense of pride towards family and nation, along with the spirit of self-reliance and self-strengthening. In recent years, Hongqi has made strides in innovation, overcoming challenges, and achieving significant development.
  • Moving forward, the brand aims to align with the national innovation-driven development strategy, focusing on industry intellectualization and core intelligent connectivity technologies like 5G V2X and autonomous driving to introduce more intelligent products.

All of Images and Information source: HONGQI

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