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Fiat introduced a range of EV concept cars including City Car, Camper, Pick-up, and Fastback models

Dew Briefs:

  • Olivier Francois, the CEO of FIAT, has recently announced the latest developments in the Brand’s product range.
  • You can watch the video unveiling these updates by clicking on the provided link.
  • The upcoming FIAT models will be built on a shared global platform, enabling customers worldwide to access them.
  • FIAT will provide electric, hybrid, and ICE powertrain options to cater to the diverse needs of customers across the globe.
  • The first car from this new lineup will be revealed in July 2024, followed by the introduction of a new model annually for the subsequent three years.

Diver Insights:

  • These concept cars are designed to showcase Fiat’s vision for electric vehicles.
  • The City Car concept is likely to be a compact electric vehicle suitable for urban environments.
  • The Camper concept suggests that Fiat is exploring the possibility of electric campervans.
  • The Pick-up concept indicates that Fiat may considering electric options for the popular pickup truck segment.
  • The Fastback concept hints at Fiat’s interest in developing electric sports cars or high-performance vehicles.
  • These concept cars demonstrate Fiat’s commitment to embracing electric mobility and expanding its EV lineup.
  • FIAT is leading the way in the global mobility market with its new family of Panda-inspired concepts.
  • The first new product will be unveiled in July, with a new vehicle launching every year until 2027.
  • The models have been designed to dominate the streets worldwide and complete the brand’s lineup.
  • Thanks to Stellantis, FIAT now has access to a new global platform that combines Italian creativity with beauty and simplicity.
  • Olivier Francois, FIAT CEO and Stellantis Global CMO, announced the new global game in a video presentation.
  • The cheerful Panda model has been a significant part of FIAT’s history for over forty years and has inspired the new family of concepts.
  • FIAT aims to transition from local products to a global offer that benefits customers worldwide.
  • The new cars will follow the philosophy that functionality should always be paired with fun.
  • They will also share the same technology, utilizing a single global platform for manufacturing.
  • These new models can be produced anywhere in the world and reach customers globally.

Fiat has unveiled plans for five new concept cars, including a pick-up truck, a camper van, a fastback, and two vehicles inspired by the Panda model – a city car and an SUV. The first production-ready model from this collection is set to be unveiled in July 2024, coinciding with Fiat’s 125th anniversary. Following this, Fiat aims to introduce a new model every year until 2027.

FIAT is a global brand with 1.3 million cars sold last year and solid leadership in many parts of the world. We are in a global game and our next step will be to transition from local products to a global offer that can benefit all of our customers everywhere in the world. We are excited to share this glimpse into our future; a very near future, actually, since the first car will be presented in 4 months during the brand’s 125th anniversary celebration. That car will then be followed by 1 new model every year.”

Olivier Francois

Fiat has introduced five new car concepts that combine functionality with fun and will be built on a single global platform. These cars will be electric, hybrid, and ICE powertrain compatible. The first car, called the “Mega-Panda,” is a city car concept that is larger than the current Panda and has an electric range of around 200 miles. The new SUV concept offers roominess and versatility for family trips and has a different design from the Fiat Centoventi concept. The Fiat models are expected to be competitively priced, with the potential for affordable petrol-powered options.

Source: Stellantis /Pick-up

Fiat is planning to introduce a pick-up truck, the Fiat Strada, after the Panda model, aiming to replicate its success in Europe.

  • Fiat is planning to introduce several new concepts after the Panda, starting with a pick-up truck called the Fiat Strada. The Strada is currently the best-selling vehicle in Brazil, and Fiat aims to replicate its success in Europe. However, it is unclear what will power the new truck.
  • Fiat is also introducing a new concept called the ‘Fastback’, which is positioned as an heir to the Fiat Fastback and Tipo models. These models have been popular in South America, the Middle East, and Africa. The Fastback is seen as a way for Fiat to improve its sustainable commitment without compromising on performance.
  • The ‘Giga-Panda’ is another concept being introduced by Fiat. It is described as a larger alternative to the Mega-Panda concept and is focused on family transport. The Giga-Panda will be based on a stretched version of the same Smart Car platform as the smaller Panda and will compete with the upcoming Citroen C3 Aircross.
  • The final concept is a camper van, referred to by Fiat as the “do-it-all” vehicle. It will be an all-electric camper van and will compete with the VW ID. Buzz in the camper van sector. The design of the concept suggests that it will also have some off-road capabilities.

The ‘Fastback’ concept is inspired by the Fiat Fastback and Tipo, popular in South America, Middle East, and Africa, showcasing Fiat’s sustainable commitment without compromising on performance.

Source: Stellantis /Fastback

The FIAT introduces the first concept, which is the City Car, a larger version of the current Panda model. This new car, often referred to as the “Mega-Panda,” draws inspiration from the Lingotto building in Turin, where FIAT was born. The iconic rooftop test track of the Lingotto building influenced the design language of the City Car, incorporating elements such as structural lightness, space optimization, and brightness. The oval shape of the “La Pista 500” track on the roof also left its mark on various aspects of the car’s interiors, including the dashboard, display, and seats.

Source: Stellantis /Camper

Fiat’s camper van concept is positioned as a versatile vehicle, set to rival the VW ID. Buzz in the all-electric camper van segment with added off-road capabilities.

  • The concept of the pick-up truck is highlighted in the video, with FIAT being the dominant player in South America and their Strada pick-up being the top-selling vehicle in Brazil. FIAT is optimistic that this type of vehicle can achieve similar success on a global scale, including in Europe.
  • FIAT’s innovative pick-up concept not only emphasizes functionality but also injects a sense of fun into the design, catering to the growing trend of people valuing their leisure time. The blend of fun and practicality in this model is expected to resonate with consumers worldwide.
  • This pick-up truck combines the versatility of a pick-up, the functionality of a light commercial vehicle (LCV), and the comfort of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) in a compact size suitable for urban settings across the globe. Designed to enhance outdoor activities, this vehicle is tailored to complement and enrich one’s lifestyle.

The ‘Giga-Panda’ SUV is a larger version of the Mega-Panda, focusing on family transport and competing with the Citroen C3 Aircross.

Source: Stellantis /SUV

The Fastback, which draws inspiration from the successful Fiat Fastback in Brazil and the Fiat Tipo in the Middle East and Africa, aspires to make its mark on a global scale in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and even Europe. Built on a modular platform, this concept car exudes a sporty charm. It serves as evidence that FIAT can enhance its sustainable efforts while maintaining impressive performance. With its dynamic silhouette and exceptional aerodynamic performance, the Fastback not only offers lower fuel consumption but also exudes a sense of modernity and youthfulness that surpasses many SUVs.

Source: Stellantis /Interior

A modern twist on the essential and popular car while making the electric car widespread throughout Europe … that it is the aim of this future icon.

The FIAT introduces a spacious family SUV, referred to as a “Giga-Panda”, as the fourth concept. FIAT, known for its commitment to accessible, innovative, and sustainable mobility, continues to prioritize the requirements of family transportation with this vehicle. The SUV concept from FIAT caters to customers’ essential demands for safety, versatility, and design, offering ample space and durability for families worldwide.

The final idea introduced showcases the all-encompassing vehicle, embodying the fresh dolce vita aesthetic while fostering connections between individuals and the environment. This innovative concept celebrates the “Fun-ctionality” of the 80s Panda, reminiscent of a versatile car designed for urban settings with SUV-like features and the dependable essence of a loyal companion.

Source: Stellantis Camper

FIAT has embraced the challenge of creating more sustainable and cost-effective vehicles by adopting a “less is more” strategy, which involves eliminating unnecessary components and minimizing the use of environmentally harmful materials like chrome, alloys, leather, and seat foams. Additionally, the company has shifted its focus towards enhancing aerodynamic performance, as evidenced by the sleek fastback design, and emphasizing the concept of “modularity” rooted in FIAT’s Italian innovation.

This emphasis on modularity is facilitated by a transversal platform and a significant overlap of up to 80% common parts across various models, including shared interiors. This approach not only streamlines the manufacturing process, making it more efficient, but also translates into advantages for customers, such as increased affordability and unique design elements that set FIAT vehicles apart from the competition.

Source: Stellantis/City Car

In addition to its design, FIAT is placing great importance on sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly materials. The brand is incorporating recycled plastics and bamboo fabrics into the City Car, aiming to reduce its environmental impact. Furthermore, FIAT is striving to make sustainable mobility more accessible by addressing common challenges. One such innovation is the introduction of a “self-winding cable” that simplifies the process of plugging and unplugging the car. With its elevated driving position and sturdy design, the City Car proves to be an ideal choice for customers worldwide, particularly in bustling urban areas. However, it also offers ample space and versatility for family outings and vacations.

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