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EH7 electric sedan

Dew Briefs:

Source: FAW/news/Mar 21, 2024

FAW (First Automotive Works) is a leading global manufacturer of quality passenger cars, trucks, and buses, established in 1953. The company is China’s oldest and largest automotive group, with annual sales exceeding three million units.

  • CLTC- Rated Range: 820km
  • 215km in just 5-min charge
Hongqi EH7 electric sedan (1)
source: FAW

On March 20, the Hongqi EH7 electric sedan, the first strategic model under FAW’s Hongqi New Energy Brand, entered the market with a price ranging from 229,800 yuan to 309,800 yuan. Riding on Hongqi’s exclusively designed FMEs platform architecture, the EH7 boasts impressive performance metrics and a strong focus on safety and battery technology.

Hongqi EH7 electric sedan (1)
source: FAW


  • 0-60 km/h: 1.8 seconds
  • Maximum Power: 455 kW
  • 80-120 km/h: 2.3 seconds
  • Price Range: 229,800 yuan to 309,800 yuan
  • Safety Features: Comprehensive passive, active, and battery safety
  • Platform Architecture: Hongqi’s exclusively designed FMEs platform architecture
  • Safety Standards: Designed beyond the dual five-star safety standards of Chinese C-NCAP and European E-NCAP
Hongqi EH7 electric sedan (1)
source: FAW

Battery Technology:

  • Hexahedral insulation technology for battery cells
  • Nanoscale aerospace-level insulation materials
  • Maximum CLTC-rated range upto 820 kilometers
  • 5-minute charge replenishes up to 215 km of energy
Hongqi EH7 electric sedan (1)
source: FAW

Diver Insights:

The Hongqi EH7 electric sedan represents a significant step forward in FAW’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry. With its cutting-edge technology, impressive performance, and robust safety features, the EH7 sets a new standard for electric vehicles in the market. FAW’s legacy as a leading global automotive manufacturer is further solidified with the introduction of the EH7, reaffirming its position as a pioneer in the transition towards electric mobility.