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TATA new concept car, AVINYA

The AVINYA Concept, a groundbreaking initiative by Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM), signifies an immense leap towards the forthcoming generation of electric vehicles. This concept is a tangible manifestation of the company’s vision, specifically geared towards constructing a pure electric vehicle hinged on its state-of-the-art GEN 3 architecture.

The moniker ‘AVINYA’ finds its roots in the Sanskrit language, where it translates to ‘Innovation’. As such, the name aptly represents what the project stands for: a pioneering endeavor in the realm of electric mobility. The AVINYA Concept carves out a new niche within the industry, one which affords immense spaciousness and comfort. This ambitious project refuses to be confined within the limitations of conventional market segmentation.

The AVINYA Concept is equipped with cutting-edge technology, next-generation software, and ground-breaking artificial intelligence systems. These elements work synergistically behind-the-scenes to ensure passengers enjoy a sense of wellness and tranquility during transit. The aim of this endeavor is to deliver an exceptionally premium experience which simultaneously retains a sense of simplicity and calmness. We stand committed to making this experience broadly accessible to the majority of consumers within the rapidly expanding, high-volume segments prevalent in today’s market.

With the AVINYA Concept, TPEM is poised to bring forth a new generation of electric vehicles that promise to revolutionize the automobile industry. This trailblazing electric vehicle concept is slated for a market entry by the year 2025. With the launch, we aim to redefine consumer experience and expectations of mobility, embodying the spirit of progress and innovation at TPEM.

A New Era of Empathetic Mobility:

The AVINYA Concept, which centers on a human-centric design, is primarily designed to provide a unique sensory experience for its users. It accentuates the overall feeling of spaciousness and natural illumination with its strategically implemented sky dome. The well-thought-out functional console steering wheel and voice-activated systems amplify an immersive experience for all passengers, adding depth to the user interface.

The careful selection of sustainable materials underscores the product’s ethos, offering a tangible representation of the company’s commitment to sustainability. The thoughtfully added aroma diffuser contributes an element of tranquility, enveloping the users in a serene and soothing environment.

Drawing inspiration from the design of a catamaran, the AVINYA Concept embodies an uncompromising vision for the future of electric mobility. Its distinctive silhouette is a harmonious blend of various design elements from diverse vehicle categories. The product ingeniously marries the key characteristics of a premium hatch, the luxury and versatility of an SUV, and the spaciousness and practicality of an MPV, culminating in a fresh and exciting creation.

A noteworthy design feature on the vehicle’s front and rear is its new identity, subtly incorporated into the Daytime Running Lights (DRL). This design element is not merely aesthetic, but it also symbolizes our commitment to enhancing the quality of life. It marks an important step in the evolution of electric vehicle (EV) production and encapsulates the limitless possibilities offered by the third-generation electrification.

As one moves to the sides of the vehicle, the ‘Butterfly’ doors stand out, extending an inviting gesture to the vehicle’s impressive interior design. The spaciousness and layout are purposely designed to create a calming and stress-free environment for the occupants.

With a foresight for future trends, the AVINYA Concept car is designed with minimalism in focus, believing that reducing screen time is pivotal for mental well-being. Consequently, it is designed without screens, a deliberate move to eliminate potential distractions inside the vehicle and foster a stress-free, conducive environment for the mind and soul.

In keeping with the theme of serenity, the AVINYA Concept is shown in a color aptly termed ‘Gentle Dawn’, further emphasising the soothing and tranquil ambiance it aims to create.

The AVINYA Concept represents the epitome of empathetic mobility, symbolizing a harmonious blend of advanced engineering and intuitive technology. It is characterized by its smart design, generous space, commitment to sustainability, and cutting-edge technology.

This concept represents a paradigm shift in electric vehicle (EV) design, leveraging the dynamic and robust Pure EV GEN 3 Architecture. This platform offers the versatility of a flexible design, complemented by state-of-the-art enhancements, like next-generation connectivity, advanced driver assistance systems, and improved performance and efficiency.

The GEN 3 Architecture, pioneered in India and positioned for global utilization, adopts a high structural safety design integrated with superior waterproofing and dust protection features. This makes it adaptable to all terrains, extending the reach and utility of this pioneering design concept.

The platform’s build quality showcases the use of next-generation materials, efficient electronic components, and proprietary energy management strategies and algorithms. These aspects synergistically work to enhance the overall efficiency of the energy management system.

One of the platform’s fundamental features is its emphasis on minimizing the vehicle’s overall weight. The design achieves this through the use of lightweight materials and an optimized structure built specifically for electric vehicle powertrains. The resultant structure provides the necessary stiffness without adding unnecessary weight, thus achieving effective weight management.

Moreover, the battery technology adopted by the platform supports ultra-fast charging capabilities, aligning with the anticipated evolution of charging infrastructure. This remarkable feature allows the vehicle to attain a minimum range of 500 kilometers, all in under 30 minutes of charging.

The overarching philosophy guiding the design and performance of the AVINYA concept is to ‘Minimize – Maximize – Optimize’. This mantra encapsulates the objective of minimizing weight and energy consumption, maximizing efficiency and performance, and optimizing the vehicle’s design and operational elements. With these principles at its core, the AVINYA Concept ushers in a new era of empathetic mobility.